There is a big jump in the level of difficulty of subjects for students in class 11 as compared to Class 9/10. Often, students find it challenging to cope up with huge class 11 syllabus, on top of it the entrance exam preparation makes the job much more daunting. Therefore, examinations such as JEE/NEET/SAT etc need adequate preparation, ideally from 9th grade. The early a student starts, the better will be the performance.

11th & 12th

11th Grade and 12th Grade are very important to start preparation for future competitive exams.Our team will cater boards exams and will give extra concepts needed for competitive exams.

O Level/A & AS Level

for O Level, A/AS Level we have separate modules that includes experimental as well as theoretical aspects. Our modules will prepare students for top grades.

Competitive Exams

Examinations such as JEE/NEET/SAT etc need a strategy. Our team have experienced mentors from institutes like IITs and UC Berkeley which will frame the strategy according to students so that they will crack these exams.


Our coder module is specially build for kids from basic 6th to students from advanced level10+